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Lower Your  Body Fat Set-point

Lower Your Body Fat Set-point

Are you sick and tired of traditional diet and exercise strategies?
Long term weight control isn't about restricting calories. lasting success actually depends on being able to lower your body fat set-point. And this requires a different approach.

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Create Your Action Mindset

Create Your Action Mindset

Are you finding it difficult to stay motivated?
Let us show you how to get into action, implement the plan, remain committed, and maintain the motivation for lasting success all without needing to rely on willpower.

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Re-program Your Weight Control Genes

Re-program Your Weight Control Genes

Are your genes partly to blame for your struggles with weight?
We will test for any problem genes and then supercharge your weight loss by providing you with the precise strategies to compensate for their impact.

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GeneScript represents the best interpretation of the scientific evidence into weight loss so far. It will cut through all the misguided and conflicting information to provide you with a weight control solution that just works. For Life. Your life.

I will focus your energy on where it will be best utilised and I will get you to stop wasting your time on stuff that doesn't work.

I will quickly figure out what needs to be done and together we will set up new habits that will get the results you are after.

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Latest News

Rapid Weight Loss
So You Want to Lose Weight Fast? Better Read this First.

We've all seen the advertising - lose 10 kilos in 6 weeks; drop 3 dress sizes in a month...blah blah blah.

There's no doubt that the promise of a slimmer body in no time sounds great, feels sexy and looks easy - if you believe the marketing.

But do any of these products and programs really work?
And are they even safe?

It's time to look at the evidence.

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Is your lack of sleep making you fat?
How Your Sleep Habits Could be Making You Fat (& Why Your Genes Matter)

Medical research has uncovered various links between your weight and your sleep.

Quite simply, if you're not getting between 7-8 hours of good quality sleep each night various hormonnal, metabolic and biological changes within the body will cause you to gain weight.

And to make matters worse, traditional diet and exercise approaches aren't going to be able to solve the problem.

We also know that some of us are more prone to this sleep related weight gain than others.
I mean, I'm sure we all know people who regularly seem to be able to burn the candle at both ends, yet still manage to stay thin :-(

Well, it essentially gets back to our genetics.

But this doesn't mean we can't win the battle.

It does, however, indicate we have to be a lot smarter when it comes to choosing the right weight loss strategies.

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Genetics and Weight Loss
How to Overcome the Fat Gene Hiding in Your DNA

Are you carrying the 'fat gene'?

How would you even know?

And what can you do about it if you are?

Now it's easy to feel as if we're at the mercy of our genes – I mean we're often told that our health risks are determined by our genes and that we can't really do anything to change that.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

You see, your weight isn't simply determined by whether or not you have good or bad genes.

It's actually more related to how your lifestyle impacts the functioning of your genes - things like what you eat and drink, how you move, rest and sleep, your reactions to stress, and even your thoughts and emotions.

Because it's your lifestyle behaviours, choices and experiences that can change the balance of hormones and chemicals that bathe your genes, thereby changing the way they interact with and control the rest of your body.

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Do you allow your bathroom scales to ruin your day?
5 Things You Should Know About Your Bathroom Scales

What kind of relationship do you have with your bathroom scales?

Do you purposely avoid them, or do you religiously hop on every morning?

And how do you react to that magical number between your toes?

Well, the following 5 points may help change the way you think about your scales and, for that matter, your weight.

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Healthy fat cells are key to weight loss
Why Your Body May Not Be Able to Burn Fat

Last week I discussed that your ability to lose weight and keep it off really depends on how well your body can release the fat that's stored in your fat cells. And that various hormone imbalances will effectively lock up your fat stores, preventing your body from being able to burn them.

But your fat cells aren't just involved in the storage and transport of fat.
They have one other key function that's absolutely critical for successful long term weight control.

And that's the production of hormones that regulate your metabolism.

You see, if your fat cells are functioning well they'll be manufacturing and releasing specific hormones into your blood stream that make weight control effortless.
But if your fat cells aren't performing properly, research now tells us they'll actually produce different hormones that will increase your body fat set-point, making fat loss difficult and long term weight control almost impossible.

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Are your fat cells able to release their fat?
What Your Fat Cells Can Tell You About How to Lose Weight

As I explained in my last post, the key to fat loss and achieving lasting weight control is to re-lower your (elevated) body fat set-point.

But to do that, your fat cells have to be functioning properly.

They have to be 'willing' to give up their stored fat, so that it can be burnt for energy.

So let's take a look at what's required to keep your fat cells healthy and firing on all 4 cylinders, so that long term weight loss success can become a reality and not just a dream.

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